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Website Design And Construction

An extremely impressive website is ultimately a sales and marketing tool to promote high business growth. Your website needs to interact with visitors and emit a functional purpose. Today the Internet is the most widely used source to gather information for a product or service needed. It's constantly growing with various advertising platforms used to target potential clients.

Our dedicated team of developers can work with you to build your presence on the web. We can implement a long term business plan to generate and expand your online existence, while following your business plan strategies.

We stay up-to-date with the latest website technology to ensure your site is ready to capture and convert fresh sales leads.
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We build Websites with SEO in mind, taking your business to the world!

Orchard-Rowe Consultancy provide exceptional service and advice across the following digital marketing platforms:


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)   top

You may have an awesome website but can your customers find you?

SEO is an amalgamation of on-page and off-page marketing techniques used to intensify the visibility of a website. Improving your site's ranking is crucial and selecting the right keywords is paramount. 

Strong keywords and phrases will drive relevant and positive flow to your site. Attracting the right type of traffic is pivotal.
Our successful SEO strategy has been developed and perfected over time, to help propel your business to a whole new level.
Talk to our team today to find out how we can assist your business achieve maximum exposure with our exclusive SEO techniques.

PPC (pay per click)   top

PPC is an advertising model used to direct steady traffic to your website. You have probably noticed the sponsored links situated at the top, bottom and sides of search engine results page. These are paid links and if correctly targeted can prove to be a vital advertising platform.
PPC advertising is available to anybody with a website and is a highly targeted digital marketing channel that can benefit your business immensely. PPC advertising will permit you to target users who are keenly searching for keywords associated with your product or service, and only then you pay if someone visits your website.

PPC advertising also allows for a detailed report  and analytics so you can see just exactly how many people clicked your ads, and what the cost is. You can also set your own daily or monthly budgets, this enables you to know what  you are going to spend on a day-to-day basis, so keeping track of your advertising costs. You can also pause or restart your PPC at any time, allowing you peace of mind in knowing you have total control.

For many years we have provided our clients with excellent service - PPC Management (Pay Per Click).

We are dedicated PPC professionals who care and are passionate about what we do.

Social Media Management   top

Social media plays an important role in intensifying search engine ranking results, and is without a doubt one of the most intelligent forms of online promotion, earning the right to be incorporated in to any effective media campaign.

Social media is a collection of platforms used to interact with other users, the more interaction your social media platforms gain, the higher your pages will rank on search engines.
Your activity on Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn etc  registers as a positive indicater to Google and increases your website's significance.

When people around the web view, share and link content on your website, it has benificial results, it makes Google happy!  Google now feels more confident about approving you.

The use of social media drives traffic through to your site using  effective SEO techniques.

E- Marketing   top

E-marketing is directly marketing your product or service to perspective clients using non-spam email. This can be useful when promoting new sales or brand  awareness to existing and potentially new clients.

It is a quick and cost effective method of advertising with minimal fuss. Maybe you have a special offer on for a limited time and need to reach your target audience,  E-marketing is an excellent route to take, it can drive up sales.

The Madison Logic Company posted global data in April 2014 that claimed that 122 billion emails are sent every hour.

Video Optimisation   top

Video Optimisation is the SEO term used  to describe the effectiveness of the video on your website using relevant keywords and phrases, allowing search engines to find you and communicate your video to the world. Visibility is key!

The objective is to have your video appear in video search engines. Reaching page one on Google can be easier with a video than a web page. Very few businesses are using SEO for their videos even though it's a lot simpler, and so the competition is significantly lower.

According to Forrester 2011, it's reputedly 50 times easier to reach page one of Google with a video that it is with a web page.

Link Building   top

You need good links from other websites, without these it's virtually impossible to sit high on search engine results for your crucial keywords and phrases.
At Orchard-Rowe Consultancy, we will investigate your current links to ascertain where they are weak or if they are leaving you in a disadvantaged position.
Our next step would be to advise you of your options and build the correct links that will help to increase your search results ranking.
Link signals can deteriorate over time. Sometimes sites that were once favoured can often go stale, and this may lead to being unsuccessful in earning new links. 
It's paramount to not only obtain links to your site, but also to continue to obtain additional links over time.
There is a common term used, "Fresh Rank" and the various search engines use the freshness signals of links to determine present prominence and purpose.


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