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Sales Consultancy

At Orchard-Rowe Consultancy, we have developed strategic and innovative marketing solutions that have assisted many companies in different industries. Our team has over 20 years of collective sales and marketing techniques. This gives us an exceptional advantage in providing our professional services to businesses and organisations  across a broad range.

Please find examples of some of the industries our team has successfully worked.

  • Estate Agency  Recruitment
  • Educational Supplies
  • Business Set Up
  • Care Sector
  • Health And Fitness 
  • Make-up And Skin Care
  • Party Plan
  • Education
  • Accountancy

Elite sales team

We have a selection of professional Elite sales consultants available to work with you on both large and small projects. Their expertise across a diverse range of industries allows them to extend their sales and marketing techniques to tailor your business needs. Our Elite team can help support your business through the growing years, and even bring your existing team through some tough month end targets.

Allow our Elite team to understand your product or service and the cost parameter you are working within, then with this knowledge we can work together to achieve your full potential. The results will be astounding, a successful business structure with future planning.

Call through leads

We focus on meeting the needs of our clients, and we understand the necessity of specific data and specific target areas. Our exceptional sales techniques allow us to centre our rigorous strategy in the key areas to achieve maximum conversion rate on your leads. We pride ourselves on consistently high conversion rates and never tire of nurturing our approach further.

Orchard-Rowe Consultancy can convert your leads into sales or appointments. We can work remotely; all we need is access to your calendar.  If you require a sale to be closed over the phone, some extra information may be required.

Our sales team have in-depth knowledge and positive direct marketing experience to help with the overall success of your business.

B2B sales pitches

Business-to-business marketing has become more prominent in the last 15 years, and we understand the challenges this brings.  Promoting and selling your product or service to other businesses requires extensive marketing techniques. Orchard-Rowe Consultancy is distinct with their approach reaching astonishing results.

Our consultants can meet with you to ascertain your requirements.  Our market research team will then work out the best strategy to match your product to others.

Our highly trained team will then meet with your client and conduct the proposed pitch. We are versatile with our techniques to allow for different requirements.  No one-size-fits-all !

Implementing a B2B strategy is about connecting you to the rest of the world.

Sales conference speaking

Our consultants have extensive knowledge and skill with conference speaking, including a confident but professional approach with speaking to groups large or small. At our largest and very successful sales conference, the attendance total was 250.  Collectively our team of experts are continually working towards increasing this number.

Orchard-Rowe Consultancy has a wealth of experience in attending sales expos, managing sales stalls and attracting large groups and crowds. Converting crowds into sales is our ultimate goal!

Our passion is speaking to large captive audiences within a corporate environment. We can promote your business, product or service using our excellent sales techniques, assisting you to achieve high business growth. At Orchard-Rowe Consultancy, we are proficient in our field; we know what you want and we know how to get it.

Initially, we will consult with your organisation to ascertain all requirements, then we can reach a stronger understanding of your company. Our team will work towards a presentation that can be edited and modified to meet with your requirements before speaking at a conference on your behalf.


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m: +44 07832261900
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