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m: +44 07832261900 e: info@orconsultancy.co.uk

​Employment law and staffing issues are often both tricky and costly; many of our new clients tell us that they do not know where to start. The simple answer is to get the legal documents in place first.  Unfortunately for many small (and sometimes big) businesses they will only put in the right documentation when it is too late. Sadly it’s us SME’s that get hit the hardest when this happens.
Contracts of Employment and Handbooks are rule 101 for employing staff. They set out clear expectations for staff and help prevent misunderstandings. As a rule of thumb, the first question in employment disputes is 'what does the contract say?'
Clearly drafted contracts and handbooks can prevent disputes arising in the first place and usually assist in resolving issues quicker. Imagine building your dream house but leaving out the foundations because they’re boring, complicated and no one ever looks at them. Your dream home is doomed. All because you missed that all important step!
In the last few years’ the number of cases going to an Employment Tribunal has dropped. However, that’s no reason to become complacent. Well written employment documents are essential for any business employing, at least, one person. Not only is it the law to provide employees with certain documents and information when they start, having the right terms and clauses in your contracts of employment will help you achieve the flexibility, control and protection that every organisation needs.
At Orchard-Rowe Consultancy, we work hard to ensure our templates are up to date, practical and give you the peace of mind every business owner needs.
Our HR Consultant and Co-Founder Stuart Orchard-Rowe has over ten years’ within the HR profession. Over the years, he has dedicated himself to his continued professional development. Stuart holds the following HR qualifications; BA (Hons) Business and HR,
Post Graduate Diploma in HR Management and he is currently in the final stages of finishing his Masters in International HR.
Stuart has developed a service package to meet the requirements of all businesses.  The service we offer is called HR Solved; this is a simple yet effective solution for SME businesses. For a small cost, you can purchase an up to date Contract of Employment and Company Handbook template that allows you to fill the gaps and have all your basic employment law needs met.

Contract of Employment (13 page)
Date of commencement
Appraisal and Development
Working Hours
Place of Work
Business Insurance for Car Used for Work
Probation (applicable to new starters)
Maternity, Parental & Adoption Leave
Health and Safety
Additional Employment,
Register of Interests
Data Protection, Confidentiality
Grievances and Disciplinaries
Termination of Employment
Monitoring of Telecommunications
Criminal Acts
Handbook (39 page)
General issues
Working Hour
Flexible Working Requests
Absence from Work
Maternity Leave
Ordinary Paternity Leave
Shared Parental Leave
Performance Management
Performance Improvement
Pay and Benefits
Health and Safety
Protecting the Business
Equal Opportunities
Disciplinary Procedure
Grievance Policy
Staff Declaration


At only £60 these easy to use and up to date templates are a method of having employment documents in place for all business types.  If you require further assistance, Stuart can complete the documents for you following a phone or Skype call for only £100. We can help as much or as little as you require.
We have assisted many businesses like yours in protecting against unnecessary risks.
For more information or to place your order, please contact us. m: +44 07832261900


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m: +44 07832261900
e: info@orconsultancy.co.uk
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